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LOQUAX - POLISH TRANSLATION SERVICESprovides comprehensive translation services in 44 languages.

Our mission is to provide professional oral and written translations for our customers, paying the utmost attention to the specific nature of the area or industry to which the source documents or the conferences pertain.

In order to meet and exceed our customers' expectations every time, we have an up-to-date database of professional translators, interpreters, and consultants who work in a wide spectrum of specialised sectors and cultural regions of the world. This value-added aspect of our work extends beyond mere translations. We continually aspire to effectively assist our clients on the business, technical, industrial, artistic or scientific projects that require expert language and/or cultural support.

We guarantee a reliable and professional service in processing your orders accurately and on time. Please be assured that your expectations will be completely fulfilled. No job is too small or too big.

We are always at your service.


e-mail: office@44pl.com tel.: +48 (81) 740 11 13 fax: +48 (81) 5338691 mobile: + 48 601 256 913

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